Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo Sunday

Today's forgotten word from The Word Museum:

teemful -- Pregnant, heavy, fruitful, brimful.

And for those of you who need a visual:

Sadly, this is what happens when one chooses to wear 15-year-old seersucker pants made fragile by having spent several years in the extreme temperatures of one's attic and taken beyond their endurance by a bottom which sits slightly broader than the last time it resided in their confines.

What makes this even more tragic is that I was at the supermarket at the time of the rending. Fortunately, it's a store I visit infrequently and I'm sure that if I return any time in the near future, it won't be my face that the guys in the meat room remember.


Since it's Photo Sunday, I've decided to post some pictures from my great outdoors ... specifically my front porch, which has become the haven where I decompress after a long day, and my daughter's garden, which is an experiment of sorts, but of which she is most proud.

Let's start with the porch:

The photos don't really do the flowers justice, nor do they convey the wonderful scent when you step outside. (Beats the "fresh country air" that drifts over from the dairy farm down the road!)

The porch even comes complete with its own vicious guard dog ... well ... don't come between her and anything dropped from the grill.

It looks like Amy's cherry tomato plant needs a bigger stake! (I only had 2 chopsticks to tape together!)

Tiny green blueberries!

Let's head out back ...

The strawberry bed

Amy's garden, based on an idea from Mother Earth News. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, watermelon and zucchini.

Kentucky Wonders, just like Grandma used to grow.

Sam and Amy's sunflower patch

The spearmint that took over the world ...

Even vicious guard dogs need a break in the shade!

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