Friday, July 22, 2011

Sepia Saturday #84

You've Got A Friend ...

Today's post is on the enduring bond of friendship.

Pictured (l to r): Cameron Orner (hubby's grandfather), W* W* (Cameron's best friend), and Emory Orner (hub's great grandfather).

Hub thinks the photo was taken sometime around 1928. Cameron was born in 1903, so that would make him about 25 in the photo and Emory about 60. To me, they look younger than that, but I'm working on getting some confirmation from W*'s family, which is where this photo originated. Hub also thought the motor car was a White, but White ceased producing private cars in 1918. Finding out that piece of information may help to date the photo, too.

What I really love about this photo, and the reason I based my post today on it, is that it captures forever the start of a multi-generational friendship. Cameron and W* were friends, their children were friends (still are) and their grandchildren are friends. As a matter of fact, one of W*'s grandsons was just at our house for a visit a few nights ago. That such a tried-and-true friendship has spanned three generations and close to century is phenomenal in today's age of transient families. Sadly, it's highly unlikely that the friendship will continue into a fourth generation, as the grandchildren are scattered and the great grandchildren range in age from 22 to 2. But wherever any of us, young or old, may venture in the future, we can take comfort in knowing that somewhere we have a good friend.

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  1. For some reason or another a rhyme came back to me when I read this.

    "I'd rather be a has been
    Than a might have been by you.
    For a might have been has never been,
    But a has was once brand new."

    True of a lot of friendships.

  2. It's so true that friendships don't often span generations these days. So many people are mobile in a way that our grandparents could hardly understand, it's sometimes even difficult to keep up with relatives.

  3. I agree so much with you. Families are easy to chart : all the links, all the generations brought together by lines on a genealogy chart. The multi-generational links between friends are often just as important : but almost impossible to chart.

  4. That’s quite a feat! I can’t think of anything similar in my own family. Sometimes a generation, but that’s it.

  5. to have a friendship last a lifetime is challenging enough, but to have it transit from one generation to another is amazing.

  6. What an unusual and enduring friendship that is!

  7. That's amazing that friendships would last this long. On the whole I don't believe friendship is valued like this anymore. Isn't that a shame?

  8. An enduring friendship - what a beautiful thing that is...not to mention the photo itself is great!

  9. I agree, a friend is a more valuable treasure than anything, and to span generations is a rare gift in life.

  10. I Love the composition of this photograph.The Dog in front & the roof,that seems to tumble into the car.
    Friends Setting Off On A Journey .What Finer Subject Can there be?