Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sepia Saturday #62

Happy Saturday, all! I have something exciting to share, but first:

My apologies. I have no bike photos! Will other wheels do? Here's my parents, and I think they're on their honeymoon:

No clue where they went, although Washington D.C. sticks in my mind as a possibility. Maybe they rode bikes while they were there. I love Dad's shoes ... very stylish! They almost match Mom's perfectly. I'm fairly positive the car was my grandfather's. Mom and Dad were married five months before Dad was inducted, and I don't think they owned a car.

UPDATE ON SEPIA SATURDAY #61: Nothing. I have never run into a more effective dead end in my life. The family member who owns the photograph reassured me that Emaline Bowersox Smith was indeed the name on the back of the photo and that it was written in my Grandmother's handwriting, along with the words, "Grandma Felmy's mother." At least I know I was on the right side of the family tree. There is one reference to an Emaline Bowersox in the 1860 census. She's 16 at the time, which would be about right, but nothing else can I find on her.

However, there is an upside to this rather frustrating search. As I was combing the postings from cemeteries in Snyder County, PA, I ran across this exciting little gem:

"Felmy, Harrie M., s/o Franklin & Mary M., May 27, 1885-Oct. 5, 1886; 1 y., 4 m., 9 d. II Kings 4:31."

It would appear that my grandmother had an older brother, a firstborn, who died in infancy. I never knew of him, and I have to wonder if my father did. Sad, but very, very interesting, huh?

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  1. Wow, they look really very happy it must be their honeymoon...and the trees in the background are my favorite...I love walking amongst them...I wish they were growing in my own yard!

  2. Two wheels, four wheels, no wheels : it matters not. All Sepia Saturday has ever asked for is fine old photos and interesting new words. You get a great big tick in both boxes.

  3. I believe your mother's shoes were called spectators. I've always wanted a pair.

  4. oh, surely they were on their honeymoon, just by the look of them!!