Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sepia Saturday #51

GOLD: Aurum - "Shining Dawn"

Last month, my hubby and his brothers hosted a party commemorating my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. We managed to organize the celebration in a little over two weeks, and right up until the very last minute, due to some unexpected health concerns, we were unsure if the party would really happen or not. But the guests of honor were both healthy enough to attend and a good time was had by all!

In addition, it's my privilege to scan all of my mother-in-law's photographs so that the children and grandchildren can have digital copies. So today, I give you ...


The happy couple, Norma Jeanette Schreiber Orner and Ray Alvin Orner, October 8, 1960. (It was also Ray's 22nd birthday.) They met while square dancing at a place called Ranchland.

The wedding party. First row (l to r): Mother of the bride, Mabel Engle Schreiber; Norma Schreiber Orner; Ray Orner; mother of the groom, Caroline Bistline Orner; and father of the groom, Cameron Emory Orner. Back row (l to r): unknown man, perhaps husband to the matron of honor; matron of honor, Martha (Marty) Schreiber ____; best man, name unknown.

Cutting the cake ...

... and yes, he did ...

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  1. These are wonderful and if I'd found them at an antique store I would have grabbed them so fast. I adore cutting the cake shots. A category I'm sure.

    And the group shot is wonderful with the maid of honor eyeing something out of the frame. I wonder what struck her fancy?

  2. These remind me of my wedding photos. I was married in 1958 and the styles were similar. How nice that they made it 50 years. We only lasted 'til 1962!

  3. Great pics! My husband and I are just three years away from that 50th anniversary . ..

  4. They look so very very young! Not the traditional wedding gown attire but likely a dress to be worn again another time, I'm thinking. Where we live now there are so many 50th, 60th, etc. We were just talking about that this morning. But great photos and you are doing a good thing scanning for sharing.

  5. LOve to look at all those old photo's. Out 50th wedding anniversary will be in 3 weeks time.

  6. It's really fun to see black and white photos and then the bride in the same dress in color photos. It usually doesn't happen that we get to see both. Shame on him for stuffing the cake! (Unless, of course, she had a good sense of humor.) Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary to Norma and Ray!